Golfers Take Care of their Golf Clubs, Should they Give Attention to their Golf Shoes Too?

Posted by Tommy Barrett on November 13th, 2014 — Posted in Sports

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Golfers, amateurs or professionals, depend on their swing and golf clubs to deliver them to the victory that they deserve. They meticulously clean their clubs and take care of them properly, but should they do the same for their golf shoes? There are some golfers who carelessly just throw their golf footwear in the trunk of their car and forget all about it until the next game. Expect the footwear to last only for a short span of time if the golfer continues to neglect it.

Shoes that are designed for playing golf are considered both an investment and an ally. The footwear can help the golfer keep his or her feet on the ground and make his or her stance sturdy as he or she swings the club. The golf footwear is especially beneficial when the ground is a bit slippery. The spiked soles make it possible for the golfer to keep control of his or her game and maintain it in the entire duration of the game.

Proper Shoe Care

Cleaning the shoes is not difficult and it is not time-consuming. The usual things that the golfer needs to prepare are a clean rag, a microfiber towel, a shoe brush, replacement cleats, a scrub, a stick, and polish for leather.

The first thing that a golfer needs to do is scrub the out soles of the spiked golf shoes. Grass, dirt, and other things stuck in the shoes must be removed carefully. In case of stubborn debris that’s deeply rooted, try using a stick to budge it. Remember to take extra care when doing this to avoid damaging the shoes. Dabbing some water to soften the dirt is another way of removing the dirt with ease.

While in the actual game, a golfer can also clean the shoes with a rag soaked in warm water-and-soap solution after each round. Use another rag damped with plain water to wipe away the cleaning solution; dry the shoes using a microfiber towel. Doing this can prevent grass and dirt accumulation, making it easy to clean the shoes afterwards.

It is also a good practice to polish the golf shoes once in a while. A golfer only needs to follow the application instructions that can be usually found on the packaging of the shoe polish. It is prudent to check the color of the polish and make sure that it matches that of the shoes.

The golfer should make it a point to always check the cleats of his or her shoes after every round and see if they need to be replaced. Soft cleats commonly last up to 15 rounds. If the cleats need replacement, a golfer must unscrew the cleats using the cleat wrench and replace the beat-up cleats with new ones.

Golf shoesIf the water penetrated the shoes while playing on wet grounds, then at the end of the game, fill the shoes with rags, newspaper, or anything that can help absorb the water or moisture. Let the newspaper or rags absorb all of the moisture and replace them once they are soaked. Never dry the shoes using a blow drier because applying direct heat on wet leather can cause damage and affect the aesthetic value of the shoes.

It is wise to use plastic or wooden shoe trees when there is no game. The shoe trees can help preserve the aesthetic appeal of the shoes.

Let the golf shoes render the right service by maintaining them. The shoes are not mere gear to make a golfer look good or play well. The shoes are comrades that can help the golfer attain the coveted victory.

Some Things To Consider When Shopping For Fireproof Safes

Posted by Patricia Walker on November 12th, 2014 — Posted in Safety Products

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When it comes to a new home, aside from utilities and furnishings, homeowners need to consider investing in fireproof safes. The same can be said for those who are in the process of setting up their business establishments. Aside from offering people a safe place where they can store important documents, not to mention trinkets and currency, these particular safes also provide them with an additional sense of security. This is in the sense that they have the knowledge of their precious items being protected should a fire break out. Even if it takes a while for the flames to be extinguished, the safe will protect its contents for a certain amount of time and at a given range of temperature.

Saftey ProductSomething that consumers should know about fireproof safes though, is the fact that they are not built equal. This means that some are stronger and more capable of handling higher temperatures. These types of safes also come with varying features so it is very important for a buyer to do ample research before making any purchase. These do cost a hefty sum of money and it is best to get one that will satisfy all of the user’s purposes, nothing more and nothing less.

There are different things to consider when it comes to the purchase of fireproof safes. There are certain things that buyers should pay attention to, should look for, to ensure that they land the right safe for their home or office. First, there are different levels of fireproofing applied to these vaults. They are actually rated by the amount of heat that they can tolerate given a specific duration. In this case, evaluators measure the time of exposure that the safes can withstand before losing their ability to protect their contents. Aside from this, the vaults are also rated in terms of the accumulated internal temperature during fire exposure.

One of the best ways to narrow down one’s options when it comes to a fireproof safe is identifying what types of contents will be placed inside the vault. This is the kind of safe that works great when it comes to storing documents and currency. If the owner plans to store CDs and the like, it might offer a more limited safeguarding capacity. Average safes, when exposed to fire, can reach an internal temperature of 175 degrees. For CDs and other drivers, the safe should be strong enough to resist heat not allowing internal temperatures to exceed 60 degrees Celsius.

Aside from being tolerant to heat, it is also best to consider whether or not water-resistant fireproof safes should be bought. Considering that the task is to safeguard important belongings should a fire break out, a water-resistant safe could also offer a ton of benefits to its user. In this case, there is no need to worry about fire and water damage in the event of an emergency. Other important components to consider before buying a safe include the locking mechanism. Most of these vaults are equipped with steel key locks. The rationale behind this is that the plastic and rubber materials used with electronic numerical locks are prone to melting. If this happens, there will be no way for the user to open the lock than to have it destroyed.

Finally, set a reasonable working budget. Safes come in varying price points usually depending on the features that people can expect to enjoy. You might want to consult a manufacturer directly or work with a retailer who can suggest fireproof safes that fit your needs and budget. This is the best way to ensure that the safe that you end up with is truly bang for the buck.